We, the youth of India will keep the lamp of knowledge burning to achieve your vision
“Developed India by 2020”.

AHIMSA NGO pays homage to the Bharath Ratna. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the Father of Modern India, Teacher of million youth who has inspired and continues to inspire billions of youngsters across the world.

We proudly remember his significant contribution in the successful implementation of Bio- Diesel (alternative fuel from jatropha) at AHIMSA.

Billion trees for billion people. Splendid that we lived in Dr.APJ Kalam’s period and in the same country.

PURA (Provision for Urban Amenities in Rural Areas). Dr. Kalam has been a motivating factor and has ignited every Indians mind for realizing INDIA 2020. We pledge to sustain his visions. Let his visions guide us through the NEW ERA for a bright future.